Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Online Shopping

Online stores aren't a new thing for our generation, and its popularity boom as different social media emerges. I already tried a few online shops, and I have my own share of both good and bad experiences. You need to be witty in trusting your hard earned money to any online stores. Finding one is the easiest part. You need to check reviews done for the seller, check if you know someone who can vouch for them, do they offer competitive price, quality and style? These are only a few things we need to look out for.

And so I bumped into this very interesting site, www.fiigirl.com. What caught my attention is their insane low price and wide product selection. From very chic and fashionable dresses and jewelries, to very sexy and intimate lingeries, and a vast collection of health and beauty must haves. And not only they cater femme merchandise, they also have their own men's selection. Something that my boyfie will definitely dig into.

Interactive and cool - that's the best way to describe  www.fiigirl.comIf I'm gonna shop online, I wanna see clear photos. And that's exactly what they offer. You will never be bored with their site interface. They also have a live chat feature where you can easily inquire about anything.

And so I give in and placed my very first order. I'm expecting it in a few days and don't worry, I will definitely update you guys once I got it. Blog worthy isn't it? :)

Hassle free shopping? Go visit www.fiigirl.com. :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Graveyard Shift

Working in the call center industry means you need to deal not only with the pressure of taking calls and adopting a nocturnal lifestyle, but also with the daily struggle of finding the right outfit to wear night after night. Working at night doesn't mean you can wear anything you want ( Oh how I wish it was that easy ), and most companies have guidelines or dress codes to follow. And so today, let's discuss fashion for people working at graveyard shift!

In any line of work or business you're in, you need to consider yourself a professional. So you need to appear as presentable as possible without compromising comfort. Working at night means you need to battle with the cold air conditioning system, and the hot and usual metro temperature after work. Your outfit needs to be versatile. You wouldn't want to catch yourself wearing snow gear mid day in Manila, right?

First, choose colors that you can easily pair with your wardrobe staples. This is vital to maximize your mix and match powers. Not all of us can afford to wear different clothes each day. So make everything look new with a simple mix and match done right. Next is proper layering. Since we are working in a cold office environment, a jacket or anything similar is a must. This will enable you to remove your top garment and still look as glamorous.

Who said chinos are only for men? For me it's one of the most versatile pair of pants to have this season. Aiming for a corporate look? Then throw in a classy blazer. You can never go wrong with earthly colors. Here I'm wearing my mustard yellow chinos, paired with a blank top and covered by a basic blazer. Throw in some accessories and you're good to go. Good thing about this outfit is that you can easily remove the blazer if the weather becomes too hot for you to handle.

Got this new bag from Parisian. I'm a sucker for studded accessories. Call it love at first sight. And I know I've got to have it right then and there. And of course, my favorite watch! I just love this accessory for it matches virtually everything I have in my closet.

Now let's talk about men's wear. Layering is one of his favorite style. Done right, it can let you wear the same clothes without being noticed. Talk about the likes of David Beckham and Kanye West. Here he's wearing a plaid button down shirt, topped with a navy blue trimmed sweater, over a pair of chocolate chinos. His outfit was well complemented by those red boots. The same boots he wore last Bloggers United 5.

He just love G Shock. Here he got a very functional one - packed with altimeter, barometer and thermometer.

His and Hers shoes. Don't you just love it guys? :)

What do you think about our outfit?  Hope you guys like it.
Have a happy weekend. :)


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(c) Joseph Aguilar, The Tattoography

Monday, August 5, 2013

Step Up

Ever had a dream that you almost forgot about? Something that you've been wanting to do, a place where you wanna go, a career that you wanna pursue, anything that at a certain point of your life became your dream. A life's mission placing you in a very hopeful state. But under certain circumstances you didn't had the chance to reach it. And so you hid it at the back of your mind, slowly fading away as new priorities arise and you continue to live your life.

And as you hold on to that idea in mind, have you ever thought of why did you stopped reaching for it and why haven't you continued? We may be consumed with our everyday routine, but we cant let that be a hindrance in aiming and getting our old dreams back. Time is so precious. And we don't spend precious things on nothing. My say on this? It's time for us to step up. Step up and don't be afraid to achieve your dreams. Don't settle on the photos you see over the internet. Don't settle on the stories you only hear or read. Don't settle on the idea that you can't. Embrace it. Experience it. Living life to the fullest doesn't mean doing a daily routine or following a life's user manual. Nothing is too small nor too big for a person who trust and believes in himself. It's never too late to start something. It's time to step up!

Stepping up means having the confidence to do so. And what better way to start it? With yourself of course. Feeling good with what and who you are is all that it takes. Dress up! Fashion is one thing we can use to help us build confidence. You dress right, you feel right.

Fashion doesn't need to be complicated nor extravagant. A simple outfit done right is all it takes. Here I'm wearing a plain black shirt paired with aztec inspired leggings pants. I just love it, very comfortable and fashionable. A few gold accessories to highlight the outfit.

Loving my new necklace from Forever 21, paired with my Gold Casio Vintage watch. 
Bag is from Parisian and my very stylish shoes from Primadonna. Perfect match, right? :)

Here's something our male readers out there can try. A long sleeved shirt over a pair of black skinny jeans, topped with ripped denim vest. Pretty straight forward and not complicated. Very easy to replicate and functional for both office and after-office activities.

Another watch from his collection. He's wearing his very classy black and gold watch from G-Shock. Cool right? :)

What can you say about our outfit?
Hope you guys like it. :)

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(c) Joseph Aguilar, The Tattoography