Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A little place called Sevastra

Hi guys! Sorry for keeping you waiting for my next blog post. I know it's been a while since my last one. I've been a bit busy with my new task at work, but I'm gonna make sure to update you guys with the latest trends and of course, my adventures.

Summer is finally here! Though it took a while for summer heat to kick in, it surely brought a handful now and I'm starting to miss the cold days. So first off, we all need to get our wardrobe ready with the sun and summer escapades. That means light, colorful and summery outfits and trendy swimmies.

Good thing my workplace is literally inside a mall. It gives me ample time to browse along different shops at any given moment. One of my favorite spot in Market Market is Fashion Market. It's a bizarre of wonders complete with various options with anyone's fashion needs. So today let me share one of my favorite places to shop. And it's a little shop called Sevastra.

It may be small but it's definitely full of surprises. Carrying the latest trends downright to your summer needs. Oh, and did I mention very reasonable and affordable prices.

What I love about this place is their personalized service making every customer special in their own way. They encourage you to post and tag them with you OOTD shots wearing their merchandise, and you'll surely secure a spot on this wall. Isn't that cool? 

So there you have it. For more fab pieces, please log on to Sevastra Shop or follow their Instagram account, click here. :)


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