Monday, March 10, 2014


That is the exact idea of Kikuo Ibe, the father of G-Shock when he created the timepiece that revolutionized the watch industry. 30 years and hundreds of models later, here they are still catering to fanciers around the globe who chose to go with a watch that's not only unbreakable, but also  multi-functional and always up for the latest trend in fashion and style. It's been our pleasure to meet the father himself a couple of weeks back in an intimate meet and greet at Seda Hotel. An afternoon well spent with fellow G-Shock lovers and collectors alike.

When asked what specs would he like to add to the ever-changing world of G'S, Kikuo mentioned of adding a feature that will let a G-Shock and Baby G wearer know their feelings for each other thru a series of beeps. Now that's something to look forward to in the future!

And of course, we wouldn't miss the chance to have our favorite G's and 30th aniversary book sihned by the Father himself.

 I'm wearing my vintage inspired pencil cut skirt from Sevastra Shop. The classical print made the skirt so fashionable. With a statement piece like this, it's best to keep the top plain and simple and let the eccentric design speak for itself.  Bag from Parisian  and necklace form Forever 21.  And of course, I'm wearing my G-Shock GA 110 Hyper Pink watch to complete this look. Perfect for this event, isn't it? :)

Unbreakable piece, thanks to the Father of G! 


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