Friday, May 3, 2013

Go Aztec

History repeats itself. This is certainly true when it comes to fashion trends. Truth is, we usually end up wearing or at least adopting what our grandparents wore during their golden years, with a minor tweaks and tricks of our own of course.

And this goes the same even with Ancient fashion and tradition. Ancient Aztecs may be long gone, but their fashion is surely here to stay.

An array of colors and pattern blended in a very unique way. It's not hard to see a good Aztec-inspired outfit nowadays.It's becoming one of the most popular and staple trend this summer due to its vast color variation.

I'm wearing a modern day Aztec inspired top and denim shorts. Pink flats to match my overall look. Added some colorful accessories like these candy-like skull bracelet, gray and pink DW-6900 from G Shock, and of course, an Aztec inspired necklace. And look how cutie my phone is, don't you love it? :)

It's Saturday again, time to relax and have fun. Enjoy your weekends loves. :)


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(c) Joseph Aguilar, The Tattoography

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