Friday, March 8, 2013


Getting bored with single color? Why not choose a colorful dress?

Its a great way to show off your playful sense of style and simply make you look great.

Colors will always make an ordinary day both captivating and fascinating.

Lovely stripes never get out of trend no matter what the season is.

Shades are from VanityandFashion. Very fashionable at a very convenient price. You can visit their Instagram account here. 

What's perfect on a hot day? Jamba Juice! So refreshing with different boosters to choose from. If you're looking for fresh tasting smoothies, go for Banana berry. One of their best seller and my favorite. :)

Meet the genius behind the lens, Joseph Aguilar - The Tattoography. 

Have a colorful weekend loves. :)

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(c) Joseph Aguilar ,The Tattoography