Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sun Kissed

The warmest season of the year is here once again. So grab your stuff, go on a joyride, get lost, discover new places and have fun, for summer is here to stay.

My summer officially started last weekend. A few hours away from Manila, I went back to a place I once fell in love with. Where else? The beautiful beaches of Zambales. 

Hopping to different seasides of  Nagsasa Cove, Anawangin Cove and Capones Island. The place never fail to amaze me.

I'm wearing  a striped tank top and dark denim high-waisted shorts. Both are good finds from Fashion Market. Purple GD-100 from G-Shock to add contrast to my outfit. And a pair of very reliable pink Crocs , making it easy to walk both on sand and water. Shades from Forever 21.

Fashionable + comfortable. That's my definition of a perfect summer look. Stunting the look that you want without compromising  the ease to enjoy what summer has to offer. So, go out and have fun. :)


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(c) Joseph Aguilar, The Tattoography

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