Friday, April 19, 2013

Tan Line

Summer - probably the only time of the year when stayin' under the heat of the sun feels so much good. Enjoying natures beauty from sun up to sun down. And the best time to get yourself a tan! 

These were taken from the beautiful seaside of Nagsasa Cove. Wearing my Aztec-inspired swimwear from Bench, and a white cover up I found in Fashion Market. Choose the best swimwear that suits your body. The one that will compliment your body type and skin color.

  I see aztech, oh how I love this pattern. :)

Summer never felt this good. Spending quality time with love ones, having a quick getaway from the city life where all you need to think of is what to do next.

And if you're going to a beach, make sure to have a tan line It's the best remembrance, ever. :)


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(c) Joseph Aguilar, The Tattoography

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