Thursday, February 7, 2013

Denim On

Denim is eternal. Probably one of the most staple fashion trend. Denim just never gets old. The older they get, the better they look. It may be out for awhile but will surely be back with vengeance. 

I found this denim top online, and since then I know I got to have one. It was indeed love at first sight. 

A must have denim fashion for women.

What's in my bag? Soon.. :)

I'm in love with this Parisian flats. It's so comfy and very fashionable. 

Highlighting the look are the gold accessories. I'm wearing a Gold Vintage Casio Watch, matched with bracelets and ring. Giving me the punk-rock-chic vibe.. 

Fashion doesn't need any rule. The only trick is to keep it interesting. This is gotta be one of my favorite outfit. 


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(c) Joseph Aguilar, The Tattoography

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